☎ Where did best friend go?


I looked out the window…

…. but i couldn’t find her…


So i thought i should check out the bedroom.

but ooopsie. the door was closed!


i waited outside like a good Poppy should..

thinking… this should work right…??***Opennnn Sesame!!***


But it didn’t..

Maybe i was too far away so the spell didn’t work —– so i inched in closer.


*Knock-knock* Is anyone in there?

Mom?? Is best friend in there?


Hey Mom.. Why aren’t you replying? 


Mom? Did you hear me? I said i’m Looking for Best Friend…?


maybe i should go downstairs.

You coming? i think best friend’s downstairs.


TeeHee! Lookie lookie lookie mom!

I FOUND BEST FRIEND! See! She’s right behind me! :D



But i got so excited… and when i turned around… 

…. i realized that i’d lost her again… :(


Mom? Could you get best friend back?



i guess i’ll just have to wait for her here….


Oooo by the way guys…. Grandma and Grandpa are away on a business trip and i’m missing em already!! *.* ♥ Dear grams….Please keep safe and have a pawsome enjoyable time in Korea! Enjoy the Kimchi Mom says! ♥ Poppy hugs and kisses! ♥ .