♞ Loving Popcorn, Cesar’s Way


Popcorn says…

Wootie wootie wootie! Mom woke up early for class today and I slept late around her last night! :D It’s been just 3 hours since I’d gotten her snuggles and now I’m getting snugglies again! weeeeeee! Y’all have a goodie good day ahead! Looooove yoooooou!

:D It’s true you know, the little one was a furball of excitement and happiness this morning. :} She made mom and i giggle! ♥ You’ll want to be around this little one :}


…. But as much as i would love to be with Popcorn all year round, there’ll be times when i’ll have to leave her to run an errand, go for a class, walk out the door… and its moments like this that are often the hardest.. especially when i have to be aware of my mood and energy as i walk out the door and leave Poppy at home.

But why the need to Be Aware? Cesar reminds his viewers every now and then that it is extremely important for owners to leave their house calmly and be in a positive mood while doing it, and that’s true even if they’re about to go on a long vacation. This is because furkids can sense right away, the slightest shifts in energy and would respond to their owner’s energy by mirroring it (e.g You’re fearful about whether your dog would be okay if left alone at home; as a result, your dog mirrors your fearful state of mind and experiences anxiety + fearfulness when you’re about to leave him, and for many hours later).

☛ Leaving your furkid while he is in that unhealthy state of mind could trigger your pup to engage in ‘unwanted’ behaviors while you’re away (e.g. whining, urinating inside, excessive barking, destructive behaviors like tearing up furniture — all common symptoms of canine separation anxiety).

To protect Poppy’s psychological well-being (and my furniture!) i’ve become more aware of my energy and state of mind when i’m around Poppy, and especially so when i’m about to leave home. Leaving the cutest furball in the world alone at home isn’t a draggy whinny process like it used to be when Poppy was itsy bitsy 2 months old. :) And i think she’s much happier now because of this. At least i know that over the last 7 months, Poppy has been relaxing, playing, napping, and enjoying her squeakies while i’m away much more than during those draggy and whinny times. :D *Away with mild puppyhood separation anxiety*!

While all this seems easy, there’s still one challenge i face. And it happens on days when i wish to dive into the world of theater and say something along these lines “Oh Popcornn…. i’m sorry to leave you here alone….. i missss you okay….. play with mr. pineapple and miss carrotto… i’ll be home soon…. Hugs hugs love love kiss kiss……..” while having the saddest look on my face…

It’s a challenge because I’ve got to consciously get myself back on Cesar Millan’s Calm State of Mind and Happy Frequency and leave the house with a more positive uplifted mood for Popcorn’s emotional well being. So instead of the guilty “sorry….. baby……” perspective, i’ll leave the house with something like “okay, be good, see you later Popcorn :D” perspective – now that can be tough to do sometimes don’t you think? :)

It’s a constant effort, and hopefully it’ll become a way of living :)


Back to Poppy!

“Hello Mom! I’m having a good snuggly belly rubbing time with Grandpa at home, so you don’t have to worry about me. :D Study hard!!! Cant wait till you come home! Weeeeeeeee!!”

We came home around half past 9 and Popcorn was elated! :D She was hopping about, vibrating, and running back and forth the living hall. Lol. Yes Popcorn i know you miss us! :D We waited in one line outside the door for Popcorn to calm down before we took a step into the house. Watching her reaction just before we enter the house is the funniest most entertaining part of the day if you ask anyone in this household. To see Popcorn making sense of what we’re expecting of her without us needing to say anything, and then seeing her try her utmost best to calm down, relax, and eventually lay down is just the cutest little thing to watch. :} i love you Poppy! And you’re such a good girl :) i’m very proud of you baby! Well even though Poppy learned to calm down before receiving affection, she still expresses all her love and her happiness from seeing us when we walk into the house. It’s Poppy’s love and happiness but just without the over the top excitement which includes serious mojo jumping. :)


According to Cesar: Do not be fooled by how small and cute little dogs are. Lol. Imagine Poppy as a Great Dane, the jumping and over the top excitement wouldn’t be very fun now would it. ;)


Everything’s better for your dog when they receive

Exercise, Discipline, and Affection;
Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations.

#Key things all dogs need to become balanced and happy. :)

– Dog behaviorist specialist Cesar Millan.


Poppy had some tweats and played many rounds of fetch before we brought her up to the room. :D Furball is THE perfect companion to have beside ya in the night —- aren’t all furkids? ♥ :} It’s TV time Pops!! :D Night Night ya’ll! :)  Sending Poppy Hugs and kisses! ♥ Have a happy weeeeeekend!!!!