☠ absolute grooming madness O.D


I came down the stairs and saw Popcorn sniffing around the living hall with her half eaten bowl of kibbles lying there in the corner, and turning stale. o.O I asked Wanti, “Why Popcorn no eat?” Wanti said that since 1130, Popcorn had been looking up the stairs awaiting for my reappearance ♥.♥ :D loves……! were you waiting for me to continue feeding you? :P –kinda a bad thing, but still too cute. :D

I fed Popcorn the remaining portion of her kibbles, and relaxed for the next hour and a half or so. Yeah i was actually physically and mentally gearing up to an afternoon of grooming adventures. After her bath, who can believe (not including best friend, mom, and dad) that i spent FIVE hours trimming her fur. D= Whattttup? Well i said i was going to try and salvage the emergency fur coat situation didn’t i? Still…i must agree that 5 hours is a little extreme. x.x Could have just gone to the groomers right. Save some time and a night or two nights of back pain. but nah.. grooming poppers brings great joy :D for groomer, and hopefully groomee. :) i wouldn’t exchange a second of it for the world. ♥

Wooo hooo.. When Popcorn finally got to play fetch with mr. frog and her other fur toy companions, her intense rush of excitement was difficult to go unnoticed. There she was, a tini-wini fraction of a standard poodle, inhaling a tonne of air as she recklessly sprinted across the living hall enjoying her regained freedom. And as the saying goes, what goes in must find its way out somehow. :P pooooooooot. Ahahah!!!! she let out a relatively loud one. She seemed just slightly shy. Heh heh. Really got the laughter going in the house. :D

I absolutely love her fur coat now. It feels a million times better. :D yay! I think I’m much happier with it, although I’m still excited for her new coat to take over. :)

Still.. i’m sorry Popcorn for causing you some motion sickness earlier today from drilling you with five hours of intense amateurish grooming session. :( sorry….. i’ll try even harder to make it snappy the next time round ok, i promise.

Later in the night I let Popcorn sit on my lap while i was on the sofa. Curious baby was licking all over (the world). She’s a lickerholic. o.O I also played fetch and chase with her, attempting to burn away her excess energy. Great work-out huh Pops? :D Boy was she exhausted after a good 20 minute session. mr. pineapple, mr. frog, mr. giraffe, drumstick, or zebit couldn’t tempt her to lift her bum for even one second. :P As a reward for being such a good kid the entire day, Popcorn was showered with several organic chicken goodies, and a new red and orange towel. boy did that get her all bubbly inside. :P She also received a new bottle, a larger one that holds 250 ml as opposed to 100 ml. :) i sure hope you like it Pops :}

Mom and Dad’s got friends coming over tomorrow evening….

………….and Pretty Popcorn awaits! ;) ✿

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