◕.◕ Something Crazy Happened


I woke up to this text in the morning:

You won’t believe what Popcorn did! Ask Wanti!

WoOh! O.O Poppy was terrified by the sound of road works going on just outside the house this morning and she made her way up 3 flights of stairs to find refuge in the room!! This was the very first time Poppy climbed up 3 flights of stairs! THAT’S A HUGE JUMP FROM TWO STEPS! Oh how i wish i was there to witness her in the act. ♥ ♥ ♥


Here are more photos of Poppy throughout the day :D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mommy asked about dating today, i whispered in Poppy’s ear, “Let’s get married” :}

7 Comments on “◕.◕ Something Crazy Happened”

  1. […] though Poppy was found at the top of three flights of stairs a few days ago (click to read more about this), no one has actually seen how well she climbs stairs, UNTIL TODAY! […]

  2. Hey Poppy, Jet here. Sorry you got frightened, congrats on your accomplishement though!

    • =P hello Jet!! :D How have you been? :) i was terrified and fear pushed me through my limits! :D Mommy was uber surprised! :} Love ya!

      • Hey Poppy, Jet here. Mom’s been super busy for like 8 days now, so, she hasn’t had much time to transcribe my posts, read other blogs to me and transcribe my comments. She’s got one more super hectic day and then she’s back to her normal kooky schedule!

        JJ and I are great thought, thanks for asking… Mom has your posts in her queue to read to me soon. :)

        • Hello Jet Jet, JJ, and Mommy!! Very happy to hear from you! :) How sweet of you to drop on by despite your mommy’s busy schedule. :} Thank you! Way to go Jet Mommy! Ganbatte! Drink lotsa water, and rest aplenty ok! :} Looking forward to hearing from you soon! =D WooHooOo in the mean time, have a pawsome dayeee! Poppy misses you MUCH! ♥

  3. zannyro says:

    Just so darn cute!

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