❂ It’s a Special Milestone Day for Little Poppy


The day started off with Popcorn eating half of her “cereal” breakfast bowl again. Is this your new found strategy baby? To get me out of bed earlier? I think it’s kinda working smarty pants. You got to eat your breakfast whether mommy’s here or not okay? Can’t be relying on me all the time.. you’ll have to be a big girl someday :)

One day, mommy’s going to award you your big girl pants cert :)

I’m happy to announce that I used the Lush Coating Brush Spray by Everyday Isle of Dogs this morning before heading out to Pet Lovers for a second round of shopping with Daddy. :) I’m super duper happy with the results! Popcorn is a beauty Queen! :D seeeee

hee. Really soft and fluffy she is. Snuggles~

Thumbs up for this product!

Credits to Everyday Isle of Dogs! :D Many thanks for creating such a wonderfully nice smelling (really nice smelling, like good [not cheapo smelling] perfume/cologne), confidence boosting, and incredibly useful product. Sending over many looooves! :}

i’m definitely a fan. ;)


3:00 pm Popcorn’s off on her car ride together with her folks. :D I’ve decided to bring her along to Pet Lovers today as i wanted someone to take a look at a tiny stain at the back of Popcorn’s teeth, as well as ask if Popcorn’s nails was ready to be trimmed again (it’s kinda getting really sharp =|). heh.

Poor baby was like a car seat massager/vibrator. She was shaking quite a bit. We tried to calm her down. When we eventually reached Pet Lovers, the vet on duty said that the little stain on Popcorn’s teeth was tar tar. O.O Tar tar at such a young age even with daily brushing?! I must be doing something wrong. :( She said that i shouldn’t be too worried about it as her baby teeth will eventually fall off . mmm. i was still pretty concerned though and asked if there was anything i could do that could help with the Tar Tar situation. She recommended getting Popcorn toothpaste and a decent tooth brush. But i hesitated. I wanted to go back home to research more on puppies and dental care. Some people advised that puppies shouldn’t be exposed to tooth paste too early on in their development. What do you think?


1 Packet of Fish4dogs Puppies

1 Nail Filer

1 Yellow and Green Rope Chew Toy (for future keep sake)

1 Packet of Addiction Food Motivator (Venison & Fig flavor)

1 Brush (for Giggs)


Popcorn’s Visiting Gigg’s Kingdom for the Very First Time Today!

Inside the Baby carrier
▶ Water bottle
▶ Dinner
▶ Crate
▶ Pee pads x 3
▶ mr. pineapple
▶ Red Chew Toy
▶ Yellow and Green Rope
▶ Wee wee spray
▶ Deodorizer Spray
▶ Comb

So many items for the little one’s excursion.

Here are some of the photos of her first field trip :D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Popcorn falling asleep with nice relaxing music at the background, and after a nice body massage :)
She woke up when someone walked into the door :)
Baby chilling out
Sniffing grandpa’s toes
Popcorn and Niko, one of the two cats in the house :))
meet mr. Giggs!
Giggs again
Hello Giggs!
The Grand meet up! =)
ooooo Sniffies



A classic shot of Popcorn and mr. Giggs calmly relaxing in each other’s presence. :D Way to go pups. ;)


Here’s a video of Popcorn happily walking around Gigg’s Kingdom (notice her constant tail wag


The one-sided Love Proposal

The initial meeting between Popcorn and mr. Giggs was not all smooth sailing. Popcorn was being a naughty kid swiping mr. Gigg and kissing him aplenty. mr. Giggs however was nonchalant towards Poppy. He even made a soft woof sound and chased after Popcorn for a moment (showing some dismay towards Popcorn’s forward behavior haha.). Things were starting to get heated up between the two. After much effort, mainly with the help of best friend and my sister, the two eventually made peace with each other. Poppy corn held herself back, no more sending kisses, and mr. Giggs reciprocated the affection Popcorn was giving. He started to sniff Popcorn’s butt, and followed it everywhere it went. :P haha. Dear Popcorn was getting a taste of her own medicine. :P but it’s no big deal baby… just a couple of sniffies ;)

It was totally a swell day for Popcorn. :) she experienced many first times today :) i’m happy for you poppy. I hope you had great fun exploring the world today :} ♥ Today also happens to be Popcorn’s longest car ride yet. :D

♥  love

Some photos of her doing her ultimate cute face, resting against the stairs:

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