❂ Another day with the cat and 2dogs


The day started off with Popcorn and Peanut making friends (or not). =D

Popcorn was definitely making her presence known by licking

Peanut’s ear CONTINUOUSLY.

BOL. Yes, the cat was annoyed.

Then the furball got really excited when Giggs came into the house with the leash on. We had to bring her to the dining area. i felt so bad :( Best friend came home just in time and distracted Poppy with strawberries. Haha! it worked (surprise surprise). ;) But the excitement returned when she was done with the strawberry so best friend brought Poppy upstairs for a tour. Uh huh~ the baby follows you wherever you go, it’s too cute. :D

During this time, I walked Giggs on the leash around the living and dining hall. Haha. Bet ya he got real dizzy at some point, because I was! I must say that Giggs is one great walker! Although strong, like all Westies are, he followed closely when led :D Great job sissy!

After dinner, Mommy carried Poppy near Giggs’ cage to say hi. Popcorn was surprisingly calm. I guess it was because of the height. Poppy usually stays really still when we carry her and walk about :D ahhh.. just like a little baby :}

At around 10 p.m, best friend’s sister dropped by for a visit. That girl, is really afraid of dogs so we had to carry Poppy. Haha, but i let Poppy go when Christina went into the restroom. The next thing we saw was the furball standing at the steps awaiting eagerly. ahah. Christina came back and did the =P face at Popcorn. The furball got scared and bolted! =D HAHA.

This incident reminds me of the story best friend shared over dinner today.

Best friend had a towel over her head like so –>

and Poppy was okie with it. But she absolutely FREAKED OUT and ran far far away when
best friend used the towel to cover the bottom half her face like so –>

LOL! What a funny sight! Silly baby ♥


Highlights of the day:

It was lunch time and Giggs dashed in for Poppy’s FOoooodies!! O.O! — Gobbled down at least 6 of Poppy’s kibbles!! HEY!

Mommy called Peanut — Pay-nut today BOL!!

Poppy loves best friend, the strawberry supplier. She got some again tonight :D 

But Most Importantly:

Let’s help to spread the word and try to bring Marley HOME. Dear Marley went missing on April 20th. Let’s do what we can by sharing ♥ http://www.facebook.com/bringmarleyhome

Have a great day guys! i love you! :}

*that’s me waiting* :D

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