☁ No Monday Bloos… even with puke!


Teehee. Good morning guys! :D Last night, I dreamt that Popcorn ate sushi! :D teehee. In the dream, Popcorn had a Husky furiend. :) A gorgeous girl she was! Poppy tried to outplay her. :P Ahah, you know who won. -.-

Then later in the evening, we celebrated Mom’s birthday! :D The furball was eyeing for the cheese cake the entire time. Nose sniffing away… eyes sparkling. :P In order to keep Mom in the living hall while i cooked her favorite Minestrone Soup to surprise her, dear Popcorn played a very important role. #Poodle distraction! :P She performed trick after trick and kept Mom and the guests entertained. :D

Out came the sparkles and the cheese cake!

Poppy hopped up and down, and followed closely behind. “MOM!! Leave me a slice!! A Big One!!!” — Totally assuming that her hard work this evening would bring some rewards ;)

But the furball got yummy turkey tweats instead. teehee. :)

Then when all the guests left, Poppy was kidnapped and kept hostage in the shower room.

——– *Pooooof* Fluffy Pooofy Poopie!

hey ya’ll~

you know this shower thing came without warning~

i was totally caught off guard

don’t ask me how i got out…. i’m still clueless!



oh…..great.. looks like someone’s in the mood for pictures again

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3?

“Popcorn! Say Cheese! Please! Please?”

=} <— How’s this mom?

Oh you’re a natural Popcorn, doing the head-looking-over-shoulder pose!

ah…. and the look upward pose too! :D

looking good Poppy!

uh. are you like done yet?

o_o mmmmmmmm

*silence* ……. *waiting*

Zzzzz-py-ness kicking in….


did you say something..?


Sigh…. i thought i heard something…


oooo yay *snuggles*


But sadly towards the end of the evening, Poppy felt a little unwell, perhaps due to all that excitement from having guests over or from having been dognapped. :(

I hope Popcorn’s stomach feels better tomorrow.

*Hugs baby girl*  Rest well tonight okay? :} I love you. 


4 Comments on “☁ No Monday Bloos… even with puke!”

  1. Papoe says:

    Hi Poppy…long time no see and you’re still as cute as a doll :hug:

  2. Poppy is just so cute and fluffy!!! Like a little teddy bear or an ewok (though even cuter!)

  3. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Hi Poppy!

    We have a little something on our blog for you! You can find it here: http://dogsnpawz.com/we-are-so-excited.html

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Oh, sweet Poppy we are so sorry you have not felt well. We sure hope your tummy is all better by now. Adorable pictures sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

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