❂ Popcorn Tries on Shoes Today! :D


Click to watch Poppy trying on Giggs’ Shoes! :)
Watch Poppy walk funnily! :D

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
 Poppy was walking funnily because Giggs’ shoes were too huge for her! :P

Please allow a moment for the slideshow to be loaded after clicking Play :). In the mean time, you could take a look at the video below! :)

I’ve recently ran out of WordPress Photo space, and i’m looking for alternative ways to display slide shows on FluffyPopcorn. Above is the slide show outsourced by Smilebox.com. If you have any feedback regarding the display, or have other slide show options you find works well on WordPress, please feel free to comment below :) That would be fabulous! :}Thank you! ♥ i hope you enjoyed Poppy’s first shoe experience! :}

3 Comments on “❂ Popcorn Tries on Shoes Today! :D”

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  2. raisingdaisy says:

    LOL SO cute!! Daisy HATES shoes; she takes a few steps raising her legs super high, then just stops and lies down to pull them off. Poppy took to shoes much better!

    • heh heh. Poppy doesn’t like it much too i think, if you see, she flung the shoes off a couple of times in the video :D. So mommy tied the laces around her ankles, and she couldn’t fling anymore. :P Daisy sounds uber cute doing that. :D Got a video?

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