❤ 17th of Feb 2012


I was awoken by the morning birds at 7.30 am today – what a boo-hoo with only 3 hours of sleep. x_X so I went downstairs to say hi to Poppy and Daddy. :D Dad said Popcorn must have been really surprised to see me up this early. =D Then Mommy came back home from her morning jog. :D The little one knew even before the gates opened. I think she’s amazing. :} And when the morning birds finally made their exit from outside my bedroom window, I went back to bed :] ❤

Rise and Shine! It was time for Poppy to chew her kibbles. Today’s meal time wasn’t a breeze although it was still not too bad as compared to previously :) She has a new food bowl. :D It’s a white saucer and i placed it on top of her original bowl so it’s higher off the ground now. Baby, feeling like a queen? ヅ

Mommy ran in circles with Poppy. heh and she laughed real hard :D

After eating the da bao-ed Frog Leg Porridge from Geylang Lorong 9 [ =D!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤], i went on downstairs and played with Poppy. Sat with her, and trimmed a little of her fur. Then we hung out in the dim lighting, like a romantic couple. ❤.❤ I also gave her a sneak preview of zebit :O boy was this girl crrrazy about him. ahaha.


Who wants a Char Siew Bao? :D

Uncle brought some Mini Char Siew Baos over :D tee hee. thanks Uncle! Poppy corn was playing Monkey between best friend and i. We took turns to lure her over. oops. heh. She did her Bang! trick and down and turn and up trick, hoping to get some gooodies. :D Unfortunately, she didn’t get any, while we got plenty (Bao and entertainment). :P


And i’ve wondered what her first phobia would be..

Yup, you’re right, it’s a water bottle o.O Poppy got a shock when the half drunk bottle fell beside her. Poor baby jumped up and looked me in the eye.  “What on earth was THAT?!” 



Did you know that Poodles are truffle sniffing dogs? :D 
I saw that on Animal Planet – Dogs 101. ❤

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