Things We ♥.♥


Poppy Loves Cheese! Or Strawberries!
Or anything Poppy thinks is foodie o.O

Hey this expression looks vaguely familiar~ =D

I was holding a cookie dipped in cream cheese and Poppy couldn’t resist. :P
Her little nose sniffin’ away.  shhhh… don’t tell Poppy she was irresistibly cute. *.*


i love the way you grunt  ♥.

Poppy’s playful grunting always makes my day. :}
Whenever she’s excited or elated,
she expresses it by chasing after her squeaky chew toy,
and then grunting like a little boy when she “gets” it. teehee :}


Mommy swung Poppy towards me just like this today :P

Can you imagine? :} lol. Got me laughing xD

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