✌ Weekend’s Here!!


Heya guys! Poppy’s sitting on my lap playing with da mouse of the lap top. :} What’s your furbaby doing? Poppy and I played fetch just now. You know, I should really bring Popcorn to the vet to check if her hind legs are okay. Is there anyone else noticing the same issue with their pup? Popcorn’s left hind leg is less flexible than her right and when she runs, she hops a little on her left side. But it’s barely noticeable. *Fingers crossed* It is time to make a trip to the vet :)

The hungry furball’s ears are getting too big. LOL. Stuff keeps getting caught in her floppy ears during meal times :D teehee.

Well then, i’m heading out now. :) Wishing you & your family a beautiful day :} xoxoxo 

Leaving you with some photos of

Poppy snuggle Poop with her squeakies :D

Cheers to the weekend! :} 

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