☄ It’s The First of May!



Time to Play with Giggs on the Table!

 Got to ♥ the Fun times!


Labor Day Highlights in da House ❣

❅ Poppy’s face fur was trimmed.

❅ She’s no longer wearing T-shirt/E-collar.

❅ Giggs walked onto my lap top and typed this: bbvcws =D What could that mean huh!

❅ Popcorn was bushed. She slept through the Avatar movie. Bol. The t.v volume could have woken up
hibernating bear!

❅ Popcorn kept on staring at the Papaya in my hand.

❅ Poppy ate strawberries!

 All is well! :D Popcorn would be sleeping without her gears for the first time today :D

Have a swell day! xoxoxo ;)

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