♞ Popcorn became a mini pony!


The first time walking with Shooooes!

Today was the first time Popcorn walked outdoors with her shoes on. :D Mom tried to put Poppy’s new shoes on and felt that it was difficult. I guess we need practice! Mom eventually managed to and then something happened.

Poppy became a mini pony! o.O

She was galloping away like an excited little pony learning to walk! Her front paws lifted off the ground at the same time, slightly spread out, followed by her back legs – it was hilarious! She had the biggest smile on her face. :D HAHA! i’m glad you enjoyed yourself baby! The bouncing furball also traveled around the living hall in lightning speed. DASH LEFT! DASH RIGHT! MAKE A CIRCLE! Take this squeakie! Take that squeakie! Hop in the Middle!! Her boots made a distinct rhythm and she almost looked like she was tap dancing and we were all her audience! i think she really liked the sound of her shoes stamping on the marble floor. Every fiber of her being was screaming “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME GO!

BOL! Everyone burst out laughing and the furball was just soaking the happy energy right in. :D It was the cutest little performance.

She also ran swiftly and hid from the spray (as always). #Ninja Popcorn!

Now time for the real walk.

Popcorn walked fine. :) She even made it up and down the stairs at the alley without much effort :) High^5! Mom walked behind us to ensure that Poppy’s shoes did not fall off. My overall observation was that Popcorn seemed a little more tired walking with shoes than without. But then again, her tiredness could have been the result of her earlier tapping dancing. :D

Well then, did any shoe fall off in the end? Uh huh~ one shoe did. :} We were approaching the gate and one bootie popped off Poppy’s front paw. teehee. i picked the furball up and we headed home.

I was thinking maybe one day, we should take a photo of poppy in her pretty little dress wearing her pretty little girly shoes! :D Fashion Runway Walk! :D

Bye for now! ;)


One Comment on “♞ Popcorn became a mini pony!”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    That must have been so cute to watch! Daisy hates when we put anything on her paws. She just takes a few slow steps lifting her feet so high it looks like she’s climbing over a boulder. Then she just refuses to move and puts a sad little face on. :(

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