♣ Grams Came Over!!! it’s Pawty-Time ✌!


Hey Poppy! :D We got ourselves a mission this morning okay, and that’s to walk as fast as we can, get into the hot shower, and primp ourselves up to receive our guests —- in…. under 1 hour o.o Can we make it Pops? :D *Pinky Promise we’re going to try*!

I met Wanti on the way out and she sounded pretty upset. She said that Popcorn went out to the boardwalk again for some fun. >=| POPPPPPPY!!!!!!!!!

Well.. anyway, we suited up, me with my cap on, and Poppy with her leash. And just as we were ready to step out of the door, we heard the rumbling sounds of thunder from the sky. -.- howww Poppy? Do we skip this part and go straight to the hot bath? Mmm. Poppy walked towards the door. Brave young pup heading toward da storm. Alright Poppy. I’ll follow your call. *.*

The Weather Guru

I opened the side gates. :D Poppy was happy. We walked along the side of the house for a bit, just to observe if the rain was coming. :) Five minutes later, we were out of the main door, ready to explore the neighborhood. :} wOoohOooo!

Poppy and I took a different path today. :) It was her call. The usual path looked gloomy from the dark clouds. :} Poppy was a little hesitant on her walk today, probably worried that it was going to rain. It was almost like she was making calculations in her head whether or not we should go ahead. :D heh. My little geek. 

We were home twenty minutes later. :D Quick Poppy quick quick! Grandma and grandpa are reaching in 20 minutes! The heater was on and we were ready to go! ;)

The shower room was filled with the scent of apple-coconut scented shampoo. :D Woohooo. Poppy was having a relaxing time, getting doggie massages and scrubs :) —- Until SISSY and the rest walked into the house. o.o The fur ball went hysterical — crazy dashing and hopping around the shower. She heard people! Then sissy walked into the shower area and that was it. I was getting sprinkler-bathed.


Soapy sprinkler-bathed to be exact.

I tried to shhh and calm Poppy down but she wouldn’t quit bouncing. She really misses my sister. :) But Sissy walked away, and Poppy didn’t like that one bit, so the whining escalated — like reallly escalated. She was making acapella sounds that I’ve never heard her make before. Poppy? What’s going on…? It was kinda funny, but a little bothering too. :X Everyone heard her. Haha. Even Wanti who was upstairs. *tsktsk*

By the way, i really loooooove the smell of the shampoo and conditioner! It smells like fruity paradise. :}  The Bahamas~

Then came the blow drying (using the new hand held blaster dryer) part. Sissy was there, right beside Poppy and Poppy just went karrazzzy all over again *facepalm*. It was a one man show today without best friend using strawberries to keep Poppy still like the last time. But I managed it! Yayyy…! :D The fluffy fur ball was back in business within 20 minutes!

Her fur felt sooooo smooth after her bath! It was unbelievably easy to brush too. Wooh!!!! That’s some amaazing “shamditioner”! :D

It’s lunch time Pops!

Grandma said Poppy’s helmet head is cute and funny. LOL. :D Helmet head. I think Poppy needs a trim soon. She’s getting kinda BIG. :D #Afro.

Poppy had so much fun around Grandma & Grandpa today. :D She was a one-of-a-kind usher, :D escorting grams around the living hall. Bol! She waited at the steps for Grandma, and Grandma said that Popcorn was such a good girl guiding her down the steps, one step at a time. ahah. Poppy also played with 90-year-old Grandpa! He walked to the left, and she walked to the left. Grandpa laughed :D It was a beautiful sight.

It’s Steamboat time Pops!

Poppy was invited to dinner this evening. :D She was in the furry zone the whole time though. :P Poppy kept hoping for something to fall off the table so that she could get some munchies. Lol. That reminds me of best friend’s sister’s dog, Baby (a spanielpoodle mix). He would always sit patiently beside the chair, wishing, and hoping and praying for some munchies to fall from the sky. :P Isn’t that when furkids are most well-behaved? :D

No munchies fell during Poppy’s wait-out this evening. But Poppy wasn’t going to give up. The table was cleared, the chairs were gone, but Popcorn was still there sniffing and licking. Did you get any goodies baby? :} We chuckled in amusement as we watched her scan the floor. Silly baby. So I gave her a little pre-dinner tweat :)

Post-dinner incident

*Hmph* Sissy kinda nudged Poppy while she was standing on the steps and Poppy slipped down the steps in a tumbling manner. O.O WHADDDD. *Frowns* Sisssssy……..!

Finally, Mommy brought us out to get durians!

I took Poppy with me on the car ride :D A pup can never get too much exposure to car rides can they? :D Poppy did well tonight. No shaking~! WoOohoo!! So proud of you baby. I think you’re really getting a hang of wheels and i’m so happy for you. :} Wheepee!

We came home and fed Poppy her dinner. :} *Happy puppy burps* :}


…. I think Happiness is when you can spend quality time with your furkids, and your family :)

I’m gonna head for the sheets now. Uber zonked out. Bye guys! iloveu :)

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  1. Bassas Blog says:

    I love the weather guru picture!

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