♣ Wednesday is Shopping day!


Yay guys!! I just got Poppy new shears!! :D I was uber happy and surprised to see the word POP on the box and shears! Heh must be a sign that i should get it pronto! :D It cost 85 bucks! O.O oh well, still totally worth it if you ask me. :D yay!

Isn’t it great? =D It is also ridiculously amazing to use compared to the $2.50 pair :P The wonder scissors moves like jagger :D  Like a hot knife through butter! :D WhooHooo Grooming would never be the same again :D


Besides Pop Scissors, i got Poppy a hand held blaster dryer too. :) Drying Poppy with a normal hair dryer can take up so much time. I’m happy to say that the blaster dryer is fabulous in comparison! :D Drying Poppy now takes half the time! Here’s how it looks like ☛

Popcorn was previously exposed to such a dryer during her stay at the pet shop. :) Nonetheless, this little one still showed fear when the high speed dryer was on and blowing at her. Her tail tucked between her legs and she looked to escape down the stairs several times. It took Poppy approximately 10 minutes to get accustomed to the sensation and the noise from the dryer. :} I’m glad it worked out eventually. Yay! :D After-walk blow drying will never be the same again! :) 


C.O.L.L.A.R ❣

Today, Poppy started using a collar during her walk. :) I wanted to see if Poppy would be calmer during the first minutes of the walk if she uses a collar instead of a harness. :) My conclusion is yes! :} She’s less bouncy which is great, that means we can go on longer walks together :} It is also safer that Poppy wasn’t hopping as much as before, cars are everywhere these days! :) Anyways, we met a Corgi Mix during our walk today! :D He’s a sweet sweet one :} 

By the way, remember the fly Poppy ate? 

I saw its wing in her poop  -.-

 What a note to end on. Oops.

:D Love you guys! 

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  1. […] came the blow drying (using the new hand held blaster dryer) part. Sissy was there, right beside Poppy and Poppy just went karrazzzy all over again […]

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