♥.♥ Yay! It’s great to be back Poppy!


Best friend and I attended our graduation ceremony on Saturday and to ensure our early arrival on Saturday morning, we checked into the hotel the day before. :) Boy were we excited!!  We left home early on Friday morning and we didn’t see Poppy for the next two days… I missed Poptart dearly while i was away. I thought about how nice it would have been if Poppy was allowed access to the hotel room. :) Having a tini furball running about in the room and on the bed would have been Happiness! :) She would have definitely taken the stress and anxiety off from the night before… :}

Back Track 2 days before today

Popcorn was whining and crying as we got ready to leave home with our luggage. I think she knew we were going away for several days just like the last time we were away on our 5 day trip. Poppy recognized the bulky luggage rolling across the living hall. She wasn’t only whining, she was jumping against my leg trying to get my attention. Oh Poppy.. this isn’t easy for me too. I picked her up and hugged her as tightly, and as long as I could. Kissys and snugglies Poppy  Take care of yourself and of Mommy and Daddy okay?

As we left, Poppy smacked her little nose against the glass door watching. I LOVE YOU BABY!! (i screamed in my heart ♥.♥)

Saturday Morning

If only the hotel allowed pets, it would have been so great to have Poppy join us in the celebration. :)

After the event, Mom and Dad came up to the room to have a look, and to also tell on Poppy’s naughtiness throughout yesterday. Lol. Apparently, Poppy ran outside while Mom was asleep. AW!!! And when Mommy finally realized it, she saw Poppy outside at the car porch, having a time of her life with the bicycle wheels!! O.O! Bol! What were you doing with those bicycle wheels Poppy? :D Silly baby. Were you wheeling them or running in circles around them? I couldn’t wait to see her and give her big smoooches kisses!!

Saturday Afternoon

Helllo Poppy!!! :D The furball saw us walking towards the door and just lost her marbles. :P She vibrated and was whining, her ears moving back and forth.. OoooOooo Poppy! Mommy’s HOME!!!! =D I picked her up and gave her the biggest Snuggle Poop Hug anyone has ever given her. :D Aren’t you a little fluffy baby.  

Best friend and i were POOPED after the event. We woke up at 5 am in the morning after only sleeping for 2 hours. As much as we wanted to play fetch, chase, or walk Poppy, we had to catch some sleep. :) So Poppy, we’ll see you in couple of hours okay? loveyoupoppy.

Saturday Night

HelloO POPPY!! :D Best friend’s sister came over for a bit and Poppy was uber happy :D Throughout the night Poppy got strawberries, and snuggles, and belly rubs, and tweats, and kissys, and we even watched The Dog Whisperer on the couch together :D It’s Gooood to be Back Poppy!!! Sweet dooreams poopie peeper