☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 3)!!



Day Three! And Mom has finally gotten mah shoe size right! i’mma size ONE! -.- Well, i offered mom assistance during her THIRD shopping trip to da pet store today (actually it was mostly an excuse to get a car ride and go outdoors!) :D I met some new friends and tried several sets of cool shoes at the pet store! *Parading like a super model down the runway track made out of glass with doggie cookies right under!* WooooHooo! Thanks Mom! These feel PAWSOME!! :D Woooopeeeee! Check me out! i’mma standing TALL!

Teehee. High Cut Booties!

My funny spread out paws!

Oooo DINNER! With my new booties on!


How do you like em’? :D

i’mma super duper shooooe model!

Lovin’ the polka dots and flower prints! :D

i’mma size ONE for the other design, but a size thwree for this high cut booty design!

Mom likes the little bear “JML” thing on the tongue of the shoe!

No more shoes for the rest of da weeek! *Phew*



Poppy’s reaction to the contractors today!

Mom said that whenever she went into the kitchen to grab some stuff for the 6-7 contractors who were standing in the living hall, the poptart would run into her crate and go into hiding. :P And when Mom came back out, the furball come back out too and she would hang around Mom’s feet, until Mom left again, and the cycle would continued for three more times! :P Oh silly beans! :D LOL! Little Poppy knew how to stay safe from strangers in the house. :} Good girl Poppy, next time we’ll teach you how to close your crate door too okay? :D Haha.