☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 1)!!


Popcorn’s declaring this week as Shoe Fitting Week! 

Monday. Best friend and i decided to shop around for shoes for the little one. :) We visited Pet Lovers and decided on one set! “Size 3”, best friend suggested. o.O okay! So that’s what we got!

Aren’t they just cute? :D There were limited designs available and we felt that the red sporty one was the cutest. I was already imagining Poppy wearing her “Jersey” with her new sneakers! Purrfecto!

Popcorn looked at me curiously.

“Mom? What are those? Are they for me? Why you keep taking pictures? Can i try them on alreadddy?? Momm………”

But instead of trying on her new shoes, Popcorn was put through a less than satisfying experience..


Okay, that looks a little creepy. But it was grooming day today! :D And that’s how the place
usually looks after a hair cut. O.O With the fan blowing that is.


She was watching me sweep up the mess. :D


Are you done Mom?

OKAY! It’s Shoe Fitting Time Pops!


Balancing with much concentration it seems :D

Who’s there?

Well… shoe fitting ended quickly as best friend and i realized that size 3 was too big! -.-

We had to go back to the store tomorrow for an exchange! *Poops*

Now… Time for some tweats Popcorn!

More Mom?

oh. What’s THAT?!

I’m quietly waiting for my tweats Mom :)

“Popcorn… Down~”

“Popcorn… Walk!”


Again? “Popcorn… Walk!”

Here’s a sneak peek of Popcorn’s newest trick! It’s called “BOMB!”

And that’ll be all for today!

The little one was meddling with the furcircle :} Good night guys! :)

6 Comments on “☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 1)!!”

  1. 2browndawgs says:

    Poppy didn’t look too happy with the haircut. I bet the treats made it OK. :)

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    You got a real nice haircut sweet Popcorn and that is a pretty big pile of hair there. Sorry the shoes are too big, they sure are cute…not as cute as you though. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    Wish I could have hit “Like” twice – you’ve got some super adorable pics in this post! I was “awwwww-ing” with every one! Those shoes were so cute too. Have a fun weekend! :)

    • Hey dear Daisy! Thanks for liking the post! :D i’m still learning to balance with shoes on! Mom had a lot of fun watching me do that. She snapped three days worth of photos!! O.O

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