✹ 20th February 2012 :} baby sleeps and baby eats


Baby and I took an afternoon nap today. =)
I woke up and saw this:

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hee. mommy did that. Made Popcorn hug her toys. :D
her mini bolsters and cushions all over.


I tried out the 15 minute hunger method today. Popcorn didn’t eat until 2 hours later. And she only ate half of the bowl. :[

Sorry baby, but its got to be done okay? There’ll be more of this over the next few days. I hope you learn to eat your kibbles soon.

Big hugs. ❤


Best friend said something today as we were eating a banana. “What if Popcorn had a banana tail?!?”
— the things that goes on in her head. Haha. :P

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