♚ of Mischief


Mommy came down this morning wanting to play with Poppy but ended up chasing her all over the living hall. Lol. Popcorn was running in circles, not letting Mom get her (imagine Mom running in circles). Then the Popcorn went into her crate, got a Chewytoy out and placed it in Mommy’s hand. ♥ #cutepopcorn

(Epic) Moments 

♚ HAHAHA~~~ Daddy hugged Mommy, and then came over and gave me a hug, and when we turned
….around to look at Poppy, her chin was against the steps, her butt was raised and her fluffy tail was
….wagging wildly!! :P “What about ME” she says!

♚ Poppy on the sofa watching me work :D Such a distraction!

♚ Smallness is squashed at the tini wini corner of the sofa now. It wasn’t my call.
….The Popcorn paved her way through all the files and the dvds and made the
….little space left on the sofa Hers. =D

♚ Poppy burrowed her way into the tiny space between my back and the sofa. HAHA!


Night Night! :) Wishing you an enjoyable week ahead! :D xoxoxo, Poppy & me.

Oooo ya! Popcorn received this today! :D


Many thanks to Jethro’s Anipal Sanctuary, Inc.! Yay!

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