♥ It’s Saturday Night


When there’s a tini puppy sleeping downstairs near the fridge, going down for a snack without waking the little one up can be tough unless she’s dead tired from a long evening walk. Tonight, i went downstairs for a snack and Popcorn heard me. But i didn’t say hi, only crept back up the stairs. o.o

Best friend went down a while later and saw Poppy looking real upset. So she opened the door and let Popcorn out, but her e-collar was kinda big it got in her way. Poppy tried to walk out of the crate twice and eventually gave up after several e-collar bumps against the side of the door. Oops. She was eventually carried out. Yeah.. she was a happily bouncing furkid right after. :} 

The Popcorn Chase. Daddy chased Poppy around the house trying to get her into the crate tonight. Lol. Mommy handed this task over to Daddy because she didn’t want to see Popcorn’s face looking so sad whenever she goes back home..

I was out the entire day and missed Popcorn dearly. i finally came home and spent several hours with Poppy, feeding the little one strawberries, brushing her, checking her wound and cleaning her up from head to paw. i’m hoping to see you in dooreamland tonight Pops Can’t wait for the morning to come. Good night now Popcorn! Sweet dreams and sleep tight! :}


I got to feed Popcorn strawberries today! weeee! Her paws resting against me felt just great ;) 

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