Yay Popcorn!


Woke up and decided to take Popcorn out of a walk since it wasn’t raining. Yay! She seems more confident walking on the road today. The neighborss dogs were barking at her again. Popcorn braved it out. :D She met two passersby who asked how old she was (3 months old), and a mother telling her child, “Oh look at the cute small dog!” Popcorn was elated. Haha. Adorable. She managed to walk further than usual today and also learned to walk up and down the slope. Yay! *the thought of SHOW DOG flies by* haha. Nah. I doubt it. =D we came back just in time before the rain started. Can’t wait to bring her out daily!

 Christmas-sy leash for the Holiday Season!

Tired baby after her walk :)

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