❂ It’s the last day of 2011!


It’s New Year’s Eve again. :) The last day of the year has finally arrived. What New Year resolutions have you made for the coming 20-12? The start of a new year marks a new beginning for most people, with lists of changes and lifestyle improvements made, renewed self confidence, and positive perspectives spoken about. Yet I haven’t made much new plans for this New Year except to put all my effort into my new business with my sister. 2011 has been a swell year, ranking high in the list of best years. =) I’ve worked my butt off doing my thesis, and am on my way to graduation ceremony this coming May. I’ve made distinct improvements to my lifestyle, living space, and life goals and I couldn’t be happier doing these things. I think I may have even grown an inch or two (daddy said :D). So I suppose this coming year would be an extension of brilliant 2011. =} Way to go! And who can forget that dear Popcorn came into our lives just 2 months ago in October. :) Baby has brought new joy to our family. There’s more laughter in the air, people running and hopping around, jokes flying across the dinner table, pictures snapping, videos recording, priceless moments spent together :). It was all because of you dear Popcorn. Thank you for that =) You’ve given me a responsibility, a big one, and that is to take care of you completely. And I’m feeling great because of that :) Providing for you has been an awesome experience. Being with you makes me appreciate the present more than anything. I love you. Have a HAPPY AWESOME NEW YEAR Popcorn!!!