♛ Cesar Millan is COMING to Singapore!


Can you believe this? Best friend and i are GOING!! =D  yippeee!! Can’t wait for June to arrive! :}! *beamingaway* OoooOoOo this is uber exciting We heard news of Cesar Millan’s Live Tour, and as soon as the tickets were released, POOOOF! We were off to get it! :D

StarHub released Priority Ticket Sales to all Education Channel Subscribers! =D Lucky us, we’re entitled!! :D Priority Ticket Sales requires a password during payment. To get the password, we waited for this afternoon’s episode of The Dog Whisperer to air on The National Geographic Channel. The website indicated that the password would appear on the screen within the first few minutes of the show. Eagerly, we waited! Pens and Paper OUT. Eyes GLUED TO DA SCREEEN. :D

WOOOHOOOOO~!!!!!! We chose to purchase the VIP Group Tickets for Sunday! Saturday’s VIP tickets were already sold out! o.o Speak about selling like hotcakes. :D VIP Group Tickets includes entry into the group Q&A session with Cesar Millan after his seminar. :D Click here to learn more. :D

Visit this link to learn more about his 2012 live tour: Cesar Millan Live in Singapore

Wheeepeee! We’re going to meet my idol! *beaming!*


Poppy was just as excited as i was this morning. She chased after me into her forbidden area when she saw me dashing past her and running towards the t.v. lol. i had to direct her back out. silly beanie  :P Love you very much! :)

4 Comments on “♛ Cesar Millan is COMING to Singapore!”

  1. […] get front row seats, lucky us! :} We were fortunate to be a part of the group that was entitled to Priority Ticket Sales which Starhub released a while ago :) It’s going to be amazing seeing Cesar up close! […]

  2. […] while back, best friend and I purchased tickets to Cesar Millan’s Live Tour in Singapore! (read this post). We’ve been counting down the days until we meet The Dog Whisperer — […]

  3. Chew says:

    Aweeesome! Can’t wait!

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