A day at the Board Walk: a 4 k.m adventure :D


Daddy and Mommy suggested going to the board walk near Keppel Club for an evening stroll today. :D Poppy and i were uber excited! Our bags were packed (Poppy’s and mine). We were ready to go on our weekend adventure!! =D

Here’s how our day went! :D

You could see that Poppy really enjoyed her car ride today. :D It was fascinating to watch knowing that Poppy usually shakes in fear when she rides in an enclosed car. =D As soon as we arrived, we saw other furbabies taking the nature stroll. One in particular, caught our attention! Meet eight month old toy poodle, CARAMEL! =D How cool is that! heh. Popcorn meets Caramel =D She is slightly bigger than Poppy even though they’re both about the same age (Poppy’s 7 months and 3 weeks old). :} Poppy and Caramel really hit it off! :D They hung out for a good 6-8 minutes, just sniffing away :D 

There were however a couple of domineering furbabies today. One pup even growled and charged towards Poppy when she went over to greet the other pup from HIS pack. Such situations often remind me that I should trust Poppy’s instincts whether to go ahead and greet a fello pup, or just shy away and avoid further contact. I’ve previously tried nudging Poppy to go and make furiends with pups that she seemed to want to avoid (she does so by walking away, or changing lanes) – those meetings often end nastily. The pups either growled or reacted aggressively. ooops. Sorry Poppy… from now on, Mommy will follow your cue okay? :}

Anyway, we were really thankful that the dark clouds did not bring rain today! Poppy got the chance to walk the full path. :D A great walk it was :} We’re really looking forward to the next visit! 



Today’s grooming session was in preparation for Poppy’s upcoming surgery on Monday. It was pretty intense. Poppy had quite a load chopped off. :D Here are some photos:


By this time, Popcorn and i were lying on the floor, looking into each other’s eyes. Both sleepy.. but trying to stay awake. :) I’ve spent the last 4 months with Popcorn :) What a blessing this has been.. i feel blessed to have found her :} ♥

3 Comments on “A day at the Board Walk: a 4 k.m adventure :D”

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  2. Chew says:

    Awwww.. So cute.. And u are a gifted groomer!

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