❂ 24th of March :}


shhhh… we’re home.. but best friend and i are standing outside the glass door, secretly watching Poppy as she eats her dinner. You see, Poppy gets distracted from her kibbles easily and once she’s away from her bowl of fish, she rarely returns.

… Carrying truckloads of stuff while standing outside the house,
and waiting patiently for Poppy reminds me of how much i love her :} 

It was also heartwarming to see the way mommy was coaxing Poppy to eat. Without knowing that we were peeping, mommy arranged four kibbles to form a line that led to the food bowl, creating a mini foodie trail. Poppy followed the scent of each kibble and ended up right where we wanted her. tsk. :) ♥ oh mom…. thank you very much for being there for Poppy whenever i’m away (or snoozing :P).


Nail Cut

I cut Poppy’s nails after her dinner today :D This was the second time. :P i’m really glad that Poppy took it well, with no boo boos along the way ;) Paw^five little one!


It’s Play Time :D! Check out Popcorn’s BUM up! photos. 

a lovely trend this is, teehee ♥


  What’s in my ShOpping Cart?

It’s Poowinky! 


Fixed a craving at 1230am! :D

♚ What’s on the menu tonight?

Spicy Meat Balls 
Cocktail Sausages
Egg with Rice 

♥ a meal for two :}

burps. i guess it’s good night! :) 

2 Comments on “❂ 24th of March :}”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    I just love that playful “bum-up” pose that dogs do – it’s so cute! You’re so lucky Poppy doesn’t mind nail cutting; Daisy hates it and makes her feelings known. :(

    • teehee. :P Poppy kinda minds, she was pulling back her tiny paws every now and then, but us mommys got to persevere! ;) I give Poppy treats after each nail cut to associate the activity with a positive experience. :D lol. what does dear Daisy do? Hugsssss XoxO!

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