✌ introducing, duckie.



hello everypawdy,

meet duckie.

duckie is my all time favorite… and i mean faaaaavorite yellow pal.

duckie is an all american citizen. :D yay!

he was born some time in 2012 but came to visit me in February this year!

i love duckie!

And nooopawdy can replace duckie.

i wanna bring duckie evvvvverywhere i go,

but guess who said NO!


somepawdy made da wise OLD decision that duckie is strictly meant for UPSTAIRS playin’.


when i asked why? that somepawdy said nothing!

i’ve attempted to smuggle duckie downstairs before!

i’ve even threatened to sit my bum on da floor and refused to go downstairs

unless duckie went with me,

but nothing worked.

no duckie.

no duckie with poppy downnnnstaaaaaairsssss. :(

oh anyways, i’ll just have to cherish da moments i’ve got with duckie. :}

Here’s me having an excellent time playing with duckie — UPSTAIRS!

:D Time to watch VideeeeO!

– poppy OUTs!- (“)(“) :D