❂ Sunday Encounters :D


Mom and i went for a walk with Wanti today and guess what we saw! A very very VERY scary bull dog. O.O He was growling at me and huffin’ and puffin’. i….  ran off without a second look. teehee. Further down the track, we saw a kitty playing with a centipede! 0.0 Wanti went forward to guide the cat away from da centipede, but who knows,  they cooot be friends huh! ;D

Anyways, Wanti and mom thought it would be fuuuunnny to decorate me with flexible light sticks tonight so that da cars could see me scooting along the walking path and not accidentally x.x me downs! The bright green and blue light sticks were bent into a circle and placed around my waist. (eh o.O I actually HAVE a waist?!) The thin sticks would be covered by my fluffy coat and disappear for a few seconds before reemerging agains. teehee. That made mom and Wanti giggle. :D

About 20 minutes into the walk, mom and Wanti looked down at me and realized that da light sticks were no longer around my waist! Oooopsie! O.O Where did they go? tsktsk. My wish must have been answered somehow. The missing sticks got me more time out to play! :D WOOOOOOPEEEE!!! Mom and Wanti traced their path and walked allllllll da way back looking for da missing sticks. Yeah… they found them eventually…. :P i guess mom won’t be using light sticks any time soon!

Pssssst. i da popcorn has got an escape plan up her furcoat tonight! i’mma dashing for da door first thing tmr morning to avoid the visit to daaaaa DENTIST! O.O *POoooooOF*! — be gone!


One Comment on “❂ Sunday Encounters :D”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Great to see you again Poppy! We missed your sweet little face! :D

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