✍ Monday Prime News :D


It was a rainy ☂ day today and there wasn’t really much to do except laze on the steps, pose for the camera, practice some tricks, and receive snugglies. :) That was pretty much Poppy’s day today. ;) She, however may have found today slightly more exciting than how i’d perceived. Why? Because best friend was teaching her a new trick today.. and… new tricks always means the furball gets to challenge her mind and receive treats for doing so! Brilliant :D Her training session was divided into three intervals today. :D That’s best friend’s way of slowly introducing a new behavior to Popcorn. :} It’s working well, and i’m so proud of both of them :) *Hugs* ! I’m not sure if best friend wants to reveal the trick just yet, but *psssst* i’ll give ya a hint okay? Its got to do with Popcorn transporting her squeakies. ;) Stay tuned for more updates about this new trick over the next few days. :}

Here’s some photos of Poppy throughout the day. :} 

hi mom, i’mma chilling on the steps, what about you?

i’ve been looking around for something to do….

have you got a clue what we can do… o.O?

i’mma resting on my right paw….

and resting on my left paw….

i’m waiting…. but there’s still not a bird, nor squirrel, nor fly in sight…

And there you are….

“Lookin’ at… Lookin’ at… Lookin’ at me. Look at that, look at how you’re lookin’ at me!”

“Phew. Thank goodness da snapping’s over!”


Oooh. I just remembered that my cousin stopped by for a while today and Poppy got her dose of excitement welcoming him. At first, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself when she saw my cousin. She was shy and kept looking to ESCAPE. Haha! Poppy eventually settled down and allowed Jackson to give her a belly rub. :} And as she got even more comfortable, she started to lick my cousin’s fingers and hands, and sniffed his feet too. :} She even tried to climb onto his lap to give him a bunch of Poppy kisses. Well, Poppy was gentle, so it was okay. :) Then something pretty amazing happened. Jackson placed his palm in front of Popcorn while she was resting on her belly and he moved it slightly away from her. Then without any verbal cue, the furball actually did the “BOMB!” trick! Without treats! :D This is the first time we’ve seen her perform this trick without any treats in hand and it was amazing. :) I haven’t uploaded a video of Popcorn performing the “BOMB!” trick. But if you’ll imagine, it looks something like the Commando Crawl trick, but with a twist of Poppyness. ;) i hope you’ll get to see it soon! =)

Anyway, here’s a video that made me cry!! ♥♥♥

Videos like this always makes me cry…. =..} 


Did it make you cry too?

Have a wonderful pawsome week ahead guys! :) Give your little furkids a big snuggly hug for me will you? :) 


8 Comments on “✍ Monday Prime News :D”

  1. 2browndawgs says:

    Poppy we learned something early on…don’t lay on the steps…someone might step on you. :)

    the brown dawgs

  2. grouchoandt says:

    Oh poppy lovely photos!!!! We think younlook wonderful!!!!

  3. Groucho says:

    Great photos of you poppy!! Looking forward to seeing the new trick!,,,,



  4. Novroz says:

    Honestly…you really don’t look like a dog Poppy!! you look like an adorable stuffed toy…whuaaa I want to hug you while sleeping.

    The videos are so beautiful.

  5. haopee2 says:

    LOL. Poppy, you should do the tricks more often without the treats. Sometimes it gives you merit points to the humans.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Looking forward to seeing a video of you doing the “Bomb” trick sweet Poppy. Oh, yes those videos bring us tears too. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. She’s sooooo cute, her hair looks so clean and well kept, I can only dream on having Doggy’s like that. Those videos make your eyes sweat.

  8. raisingdaisy says:

    Is there anything as heartwarming as a reunion between a dog and his best friend? So beautiful!

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