❦ Irresistible Popcorn


Quote Mommy: “What a vibrating furball you are Poppy! <3”

I get really excited when i see mommy come home. I’ll run towards the front door and wait eagerly for the gates to close and for mommy to walk towards me. She always has that big smile on her face as she leans in towards me. But you know, mommy can be naughty. I’ve heard her many times telling her friends, or grandma or grandpa about how i vibrate in one spot behind the invisible line near the doorway, with my ears twitching, and my eyes lit up with excitement. Well that’s because she stands right in front of the door, waaay past the invisible which i can’t cross! All that excitement in me… must go somewhere? =P Mommy plays this distance game with me every morning too, but at the stairs. :P It’s our special morning greeting. i vibrate with excitement, she giggles. tsktsk. We’re our own entertainment. lol!


.. midnight Snuggles ..

I went downstairs for a late night fruit and couldn’t resist peeping into Poppy’s crate and carrying her out for some midnight belly rubs :) oh baby, you’re the cutest in the wee hours of the morning :} i love you, hope you know that too :) ♥ Plenty of hugs and 15 minutes later.. i’m off to peel an orange :) Night night again Poppycorn :) sweet doooreams :}


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