☄ Hellllo Mooonday!


Monday Mischief 

Poppy ate a FLY! I found the poor fella near the entrance of her crate! POPPPPPY!!!!!!!!!!


like nothing ever happened.


At around 10 p.m, best friend and i took Poppy out for a late night stroll. :) Round about the canal, we met the cutest little thing: A baby Pug!! Just 3 months old! ooooooo…. ♥ The little Pug was on her very first walk with her toy poodle sister! :D What coincidence and bliss it was to meet my two favorite pups together! :} Oooo! :) The Mommys chatted for about 30 minutes, and during that time, Poppy was busying herself with baby Pug, and other furiends who came along to join the party. :D It was not long before a hood of furkids began to gather around the track. tsk. What a sight! :) The other Mommy shared about what to expect when Poppy goes for surgery. She said we got to be prepared that Poppy will drool due to the anesthesia, and that we should also consider getting Poppy an E-collar to prevent her from licking the wound. She also advised that for Poppy’s convenience during her recovery, we could consider using a water bowl instead of a bottle . :} I guess we’ll do just that :) Thank you! :} As for Toy Poodle Chloe, she recently underwent knee surgery and i hope she’ll heal beautifully. Can’t wait to see you walking the walk like your baby sister tonight ;) Take care furbabies!

Baby Pug looked something like this! Awww..man..

How not to fall in love? :D

I’m so thankful to have met this couple and their two precious furkids :)
Looking forward to seeing you again! :} Missing the furkids already!


Poppy’s Water Bowl :}

Poppy looking really happy after her late night walk :)

Sleepiness kicking in :D


Poppy resting in her corner :}

Sleepy eyes :}


Watch this sequence :D

heh. sleepyhead awaking from dreamyland :} 

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