♜ Trophy PhotOs!


Poppy ran ten rounds around the deck with Grandma today. She was so excited she hit her head, stopped in her tracks and looked at grandma O.O then continued like nothing ever happened. :D teehee. She’s so tini, she squeezed past the legs of the sun bathing chair and did zooomies around the deck. Lol. Having a zooooming good time Poppy? :D

Mom pretended to throw a squeakie and Poppy went berserk searching for it all around the living hall. :P #Cute reaction!

Here are some photos of Popcorn with her Pet Talent Contest Trophy!!

Check out this post to see Poppy performing her tricks for the first time on public stage! :D

ooooo it’s da golden thing again!

what do you want me to do with this mom!

sitting and waiting~ for further instructions~


Have you decided what i should do yet?

haa… this is taking an awfully long time..




i’m still waiting…..

i wanna go down……

i wanna go down now please please please! :D

now what?

mom, did you hear something?

eh? i’m sure i heard something

i think it’s coming from over there!

hey!!! i’m over here!!!

– got ignored.

– looking a little upset about that

not happy…..

decided to take it out on the golden thing.

whoooooops. *taste bad*


i’m curious as to when this is gonna end

you know a pup can get tired………


that’s a little something SOMETHING!

oh boy. this is tougher than i thought

it’s taking brain power to ignore that cube on my right. O.O

okay okay, concentrate….. >.<

=D Now that i got some foooodies, i’m ready to pose away :D!

HUH. what do you mean it’s OVER?

looks like it’s zzzzzzpy time. night-night worldddda. :D


2 Comments on “♜ Trophy PhotOs!”

  1. Well done on your award there – so young and a winner already!

  2. Dalton says:

    Well done on your second place win Popcorn!!

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