☁ Dream a little dream of me ♖


I dreamt about Popcorn this afternoon. This was a weird one. o.O

Whenever she got scolded in this dream, Tinkerbell fairy would appear with sparkles in the air, and I would hear Popcorn say one word. O_O? And throughout the dream, Popcorn would become smaller and younger, and the color of her fur coat would change. And at some point she suddenly became much much older than now, and even became half golden retriever and half black standard poodle. eh.

Did i say this dream was weird? there’s more.

Popcorn couldn’t recognize me and someone in the dream attributed her amnesia to eating food supplements that were drugged, or her experiencing a traumatic event.

Then… Popcorn became best friend :P haha. She said “why are you talking to me like i’m a baby. I am a tiger. Everybody is part tiger when they come to this earth”. whaaaaaad. haha. crazy ass dream.

I think I got the tiger part from listening to the song Eye of the Tiger last night, and Golden Retriever part from seeing Rex yesterday, and traumatic event from watching Bones. I’m still not sure how the rest came about. :D

end of dream!


Look who’s Touring the House

Popcorn went to the kitchen and took a stroll around the back of the house. haha. Funny kid was curious. She also walked past the sacred forbidden door way and sat outside at the car porch. boohoo Poppy. I guess I got to be a hawk now that she’s testing her boundaries again. ❤.❤

Anyway I received the free fish4dogs food today! :D

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