。◕‿◕。 Dog Shopping!!!


I couldn’t believe that Mommy and Daddy sent me this message today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“After lunch go see puppies and ikea” 10:42 a.m

Am I seeing stars?? Of course we are going doggie shopping!!! i had been researching for weeks on which breed i wanted, how to best care for a dog, the necessary things i needed to get, tricks i wished I could teach etc, all with the mentality that I was eventually going to get a dog of my own! This dream might just be fulfilled! =D The power of visualization :D

The top three breeds I was hoping for include the extremely cute and tiny toy looking dog that is brown and fluffy (the kind that usually appears on the lap of artists on Taiwanese or Japanese reality programs), a beagle, and a bichon frise! I was leaning towards a bichon frise after learning that in a nutshell, beagles are extremely vocal dogs that barks, howls, and makes a three pitch sounding bark, and also tend to follow their curious noses. To see pass their extremely cute faces, droopy ears, and playful amiable personality was really not an easy task when it came to evaluating which dog was right for me. Mom and Dad wasn’t going to accept a vocal dog, that’s for sure. As for the first option, the reason why I had to describe the look of that breed instead of telling you directly was because I didn’t know what breed it was. The first time i saw this dog was on a Taiwanese reality show many years back and the moment i laid eyes on it I fell in love. THAT DOG IS SO CUTE IT IS NOT REAL! So I tried to Google it, but none really looked like the one i saw. Slowly, that memory faded…. until I saw it again on Facebook this time. My primary school friend owns one! =D cuteness overdose! i still didn’t know what the breed was but this time round, “poodle” came across my mind and I googled it. =D it’s a toy poooooodllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyway.. I told my mom about bichon frise and how smart this breed was, and the tricks they could do, their friendly nature, and their infectious happy energy. However i conveniently excluded the tiny detail that bichon frises are their own fur producing factory; their fur never stops growing! So yes, PLENTY of grooming). :P


this one’s already pretty well-groomed!

I kept the thought of red toy poooodles in mind. Mommy mentioned just before we left the house that perhaps we should get a brown small dog like the one she saw in the neighborhood. I immediately thought about the tiny toy poodle, I guessed that she was referring to this breed as I vaguely recalled seeing one in this area too. “Could we be eyeing on the same dog?!” mother-daughter chemistry! ❤

Dad drove us to the nearby pet store. I was growing so anxious, this was the first time in many years since I stepped foot in a pet shop. Then…… Eyes Wide Open. Jaw Drop Action. Red Poodle in Sight. Followed by “There! This is the dog I was talking about! (Dang dang dang dang……..) They have it here!!!!!!!!!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were drawn to the tinier puppy of the two poodles. And suddenly nothing else in the shop could really compare. The tiny one was just uber cute to the max I wanted to die. Haha. Somehow i knew she was the one. :) I picked her up and carried her. She was gentle, not a barker, and melted in my arms. Oooo cuteness overdose. My parents negotiated the price for a bit and we headed home. Ah. My mind has been on the little one for the last few hours, and I foresee will be for many more years to come. I hope you’ll become my best companion soooon ❤ oooo smallness!

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