☄ Who has the Biggest Dog Bed? :D


Popcorn’s nightly routine these days include strawberries if they are available and chilling upstairs on the biggest dog bed evvvvver….


Here’s Popcorn on the world’s biggest dog bed :D

hey mom, would you like to join me?


this giant bean bag makes a funny sound when i move!

oooo comfy. :D

i’m just chilling :}

ahh… loving the space~


Yay!! This made us smile. :) Thank you :D

. . .Got to run now! Have a good day! :}


3 Comments on “☄ Who has the Biggest Dog Bed? :D”

  1. […] all excited about just being there. Come to think of it, the narrow surface at the top of the bean bag looks just like a ledge! POOOF. The thought of her falling over translated into a nightmare, […]

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Oh, sweet Popcorn we like that big bed…you have room to roll, play and snooze anyway you want. Congratulations on the 200 likes. Yippee!!! Good job! Hugs and nose kisses

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