✌ Friday! The Weekend’s Here!


♥ Happy Friday guys! :D The Weekend is Here! YAY!!! 

Hello world! I’ve been crazy busy and trying to keep up with blogging! Here’s a summary of what happened today. :} I dreamt that Poppy said Hello to me twice while drinking water. teehee. :D I was totally excited and starting thinking of new ways to get Poppy to learn more words. whaaaat :D Best friend asked me how her voice sounded and i told her she sounded like how i sound to myself. haa! :)

I got Poppy a new water bowl from Pet Lovers today. Two bowls sold together for $21.90 :D Here’s how one of the bowls look like! Pretty cool! For some reason the skulls make Poppy look kinda cute and rebellious :} WooHooo, more water for Poppy from now on! The other is a typical stainless steel bowl :)


It’s night time now and i wonder why Poppy’s been barking since we went upstairs. We know for sure it wasn’t a Poop Bark. Mmm.. a couple of claps usually does the trick, but tonight Poppy continued barking. I finally gave in and went downstairs to take another peep at her. I gave the little one a couple of belly rubs, nose kisses, and snuggles, and then headed back up. :) i guess that’s all she wanted before bed time. oh baby… :} lovelove  :}

Poppy was flinging and dragging her cushions everywhere this afternoon. She said: “Yippee! I’m having so much fun flinging cushions and dragging them one by one across the living hall! Weeee!!! ♥ come play with me :D”

2 Comments on “✌ Friday! The Weekend’s Here!”

  1. bichonpawz says:

    Looks like Popcorn will be eating in style!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

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