Monday Mischief ☭ The Day of Attacks!


Happy Monday Mischief! ◕.◕

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This Monday Mischief post is about me, and mommy buying soooo many things for me in a day!


Lol. The String Attack.

Mom told us this story today.

It was early in the morning and Mom was rushing out for an appointment. But instead of a simple goodbye, Poppy ran towards Mommy and kept nodding her head. At first, Mom thought that Poppy just wanted some snuggles and belly rubs. But after giving her a few hugs, Poppy continued to nod. EH? Mom couldn’t make out what Poppy wanted. Then she saw something on Poppy’s little wet nose. THAT! – the string you see in the photo on the right. BOL. Poppy was attempting to NOD the string off! Oh baby! :D All she needed was a little assistance in the morning.  :}


The Attack of the Flies!

It was dinner time and best friend heard a faint woofing sound coming from Poppy. What’s wrong Popcorn? Why the woofing? Best friend scanned about the living hall and saw several flies on the floor. They were apparently bothering the little princess. Lol. Poppy migrated herself to the highest step and waited patiently to be rescued. After the two flies were cleared, best friend went back to her meal. “Wooof..Wooof…” and Poppy demanded some attention again. Best friend turned around and the Poptart was once again at the highest step staring intensely at the floor. AHAH. Yes. There was another fly. Lol. 


Attack of the Toys! 

Stock Taking: Nine Toys and Counting.

These are the current new toys which are stocked up in Poppy’s wardrobe. :P

There’s Minty Bone, Beeps (from b.i.l), Yellow and Green Rope, Bally, and Loopie…

…and there’s the food & beverages family: featuring mr. shrooms, strawberry, miss carrotto, and carlsDOG :D

Yippee! Let’s guess how long these will last!


Next up, Tweats!

Don’t these look absolutely couch potato, movie night, late night snack YUMMY? =D
i gave Poppy one and the rest was history ;)


Fleas and Ticks Away!

I swung by Pet Lovers today to replenish Poppy’s Revolution Supplies, and conveniently picked up some chew toys, Chicken Treats and Shamditioner. The total bill sky-rocketed =X


Shamditioner Overload — These Bottles are Huge!

Should last us quite awhile right?


Monday Mischief. The Ultimate Fight.

Poppy versus the Blue Cushion:

1. Make eye contact with your audience.

2. Scan around the ring and stare intensely at the people
around you.  

3. Fight!

4. Put your heart and soul into the fight. 

5. Head slam your opponent, then do the crazy fist throws!

— Stop. For a photo moment.

Then carry on fighting!

Pause, again. For a second photo moment.

and again! 

If you’re wondering why… it is absolutely necessary for a Champ to have a
decent portfolio of her success in the Dog versus Cushion Championship Games. 

THE END. Needless to say, the DOG Wins the Game!

Did you notice the little downward fur on Poppy’s nose? ❤  tsk. That came from Poppy nudging
her head in her opponent’s face :P


Attacking mah Fingers and the Hidden Tweats!


i Love This Face ☛


“I hope you all enjoyed watching me attack today! And Mommy doing a full-blown
attack on Pet Lovers shop today too!” :}  Poppy!


Late Night Walkie! (Attacker Alert)

I brought Poppy out for a late night walk today. :) The weather was crazy humid and hot. O.O Poppy and i were hoping for some wind honestly! We made a detour and got on the stadium tracks again tonight :D One full round before heading back the long way :D Did you have a good time Pops?

Ooo and we bumped into a Schnauzer tonight. I was waiting for Poppy’s cue as to whether or not we should approach the Schnauzer or walk away (read this post to know about Poppy’s gift for identifying “meanies”).

Well about that Schnauzer tonight.. He was in a rather forward leaning (but not yet charging) stance. I didn’t have a good feeling, but i wanted to make sure Poppy felt the same way. Anyway it didn’t take long for Poppy to run and hide behind me :D Ay~ay Captain Popcorn, we all know what the means don’t we? :D As we walked on, the Schnauzer started barking. :} Okay pup, we’re out of your way! :D

Poppy came home and got her paws cleaned. Mom said, why can’t Poppy shower on her own??? -.- Mommm. :D


Next up *Attack of the Fleas & Ticks*!

— It’s Revolution Time.

“Oopsie. Mommy missed my 14th of every month dose. Silly Momm. Don’t worry Mom, I’ll be okay :)”


Oh well then… this mischief post is rather long!! :} Have a good night’s rest dear friends and furiends ❤ i love you :) 

P.S. After the long walk, Poppy konked out almost immediately :) It was the cutest sight :} Mom also described Popcorn’s eyes as lychee seeds today. =D

Happy Monday Mischief! ◕.◕

13 Comments on “Monday Mischief ☭ The Day of Attacks!”

  1. Hey Little Sis, Jet here.
    Poppy, you’re loaded with goodies and toys. I think your Mommy needs to talk to my Mom.

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Love Poppy’s photos – she’s always so adorable! :)

  3. ckmorita says:

    That was quite a bit of mischief. You must be worn out after a string attack, treats, and taking on your blue cushion.

    Happy Monday!

    • :D Hey Colby! Mischief(vous) is my middle name!! — As in Popcorn M. Baomihua =D Worn-out i was! I was totally POOPED! :D Happy Monday or rather Tuesday to you too! <3 Popcorn. :}

  4. snoopys@snoopysdogblog says:

    Wow – that sure is a lot of toys – looks like your own little Doggie Toy Store – you sure are lucky – well not totally lucky, cos you’re in a for a lot of baths judging by that Giant bottle of Shampoo!! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • AHH Snoopy! You spotted what’s installed for me!! And I totally missed the whole point of Mom blogging about GIANT SHAMDITIONERS!! O.O Fun Snoopy Pal? *me paws are crossed*!

  5. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Poppy you are so cute! I love your pictures :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Poppy you are precious! I love your pictures :)

    Have a great Monday!

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