✑ Grocery Shopping and Video Post! :D


I love it when i’m out with close friends or family members, and at one point folks start sharing about the funny things their furkids had recently done :) This was exactly what happened during afternoon tea with Mom, Sissy, best friend, Auntie E, and Jackson today. :D The topic of Popcorn, Giggs, and Rabbit Tutu kept surfacing and the stories shared made everyone giggly :D We were all beaming by the end of the day. :D WoohOooOo!


Auntie E said that she might adopt a toy poodle like Popcorn in a couple of years and name him/her Kachang Puteh, which is a kind of local snack made out of different peas and nuts, filled in a paper cone. :D

Kachang Puteh!

Bol! Imagine saying that really fast. :P Oh Aunty E is too funny, she made us laugh out loud. =D



Poppy Groceries! =D

Best friend and i stopped by Pet Lovers to grab some of Poppy’s supplies on the way home. :D Here’s what we got!

ooooo base ball!

Christmas-sy collar to match Popcorn’s first Christmas-sy leash!

Popcorn when she was just 3 months old :D — On her very first walk!

Colorful kitty collar — too cute to resist! :D

Safety Light so Popcorn can roam in the dark!! Lol.

Byebye stinky breath! ❤

Popcorn’s second flavored rope :D – Minty flavor! ;)

Home Sweet Home!!!

When we finally got home in the evening, Sissy stood at the doorway and waited for Poppy to calm down. This was Poppy trying! :D

*tail wagging!*


Quick Update!

Popcorn has finally learned the easiest trick in the book. To sit! :D Haha! Best friend was just saying that Popcorn started with pretty advance tricks but skipped the basic ones like come and sit. o.O Strange Poppy! More like strange trainer! Well congratulations Popcorn, for learning to sit on command! YAY!!!!!! :D

Current training: The Temptation Test.

Focusing on the treat handler and ignoring the food placed in front of her. ❤

Oooo I also gave Poppy a face trim tonight. Tadah!! :D All neat and haha, pointy. ;)

ah…. mom… are you like about done yet? *yaaawns*

Ok! That’s about it guys. Have a pawsome weekend! :D ❤


5 Comments on “✑ Grocery Shopping and Video Post! :D”

  1. Papoe says:

    This post shows how you are so loved by your family :)

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Poppy looked so scared on her first walk! So did Daisy. I think the hugeness of the outdoors intimidated her!

    Wonderful haircut! :)

  3. Tried to leave a comment and failed.
    Tried to like and failed
    Fail :-(
    But wanted to say that you are one lucky Popcorn – Beloved is now looking for minty flavoured rope for us.
    If you get this I will have succeeded :-)

  4. Dalton says:

    Looking good popcorn!

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