☢ That is Not A Chew Toy Popcorn…


Best friend spotted the furball doing something silly this afternoon.. This thing she was doing made a soft cracking sound. And it sounded like something was being dragged across the floor. What could it be?


Maybe it was this?

Or this?

Maybe even this?


It was this!

a paper fan!

The furball surprisingly managed to get her paws on a paper fan and was trying her utmost best to drag it by the orange string across the floor. She only managed to walk a couple of steps with the fan hanging from her mouth before she eventually gave up pulling the load (it wasn’t cooperating). Best friend said Poppy wanted to play fetch with her new found paper toy. I’m still wondering how she managed to reach for the fan which was lying on the high table. o.O


Who’s at the door baby?

Popcorn was upstairs with best friend and i when the front door opened. Who’s at the door baby? The furball was relaxing on the couch and as soon as she heard the door open downstairs, she sat up and looked at the closed bedroom door curiously.

someone’s home mom!

i hear em!

i swear mom!

i’m going in for a closer look!

i wanna go down and check things out!

why won’t you let me down…. :|

still gonna try and peek!

they’re coming they’re coming up! i hear em!

look guys! it’s grandma and grandpa!

heh. *panting* See.. i told you someone was coming!

Okay! And now back to relaxing ;)


Have a good day furiends! :)


6 Comments on “☢ That is Not A Chew Toy Popcorn…”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Very cute pictures of Popcorn on the sofa :)

  2. grouchoandt says:

    Well done, Poppy! I would have done the same thing – I”m all for turning anything I can get my paws on into a chew toy!



  3. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Giggling….would loved to have seen you dragging the fan sweet Popcorn. Have fun with your grandma and grandpa. Hugs and nose kisses

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