❣ Popcorn meets Toby ❣


12:30 p.m and i’m up and running about the house getting the place ready for my friend Verity, and her Samoyed Toby to arrive. :D Popcorn got fluffed up, fed and ready to meet the guests. The place was organised, wine glasses were out, and a bowl of Chef Salad was made to serve. :) Verity, her daughter, and Toby was arriving in two and a half hours time! :D 

I wonder if Popcorn senses that guests are arriving. :}


The Big Arrival

The second i laid eyes on Toby, my heart just melted. Such a beauty!

Oh boy. He’s gorgeous! ♥

Both Toby and Popcorn are 6 months old. :D Verity said that Toby hasn’t socialized with other dogs, and tends to be anxious and barky around dogs, and in new environments. We saw this gathering as an opportunity to socialize both Poppy and Toby, and practice Cesar Milan’s calm, assertive energy. :D


Toby verses Rex

Toby verses Rex, who’s more vocal? Toby wins hands down! Poor Toby was barking on and off for the entire hour he got here. I guess he was feeling anxious about the new environment, and not pleased whenever Verity or Angel tugged him away from Popcorn. Poor kid was in a constant state of stress. Verity, best friend, Angel, and I tried to calm Toby down. We let him lie on his side and hoped for him to reach a calm submissive state. However 35 minutes later, poor Toby was still struggling to attain a calm state of mind. Best friend was right, we should have let Toby go on a long walk before trying out some of Cesar’s methods. We eventually did something not too wise and released Toby before he reached the desired state of mind. oops. Sorry Toby.

These things are not to be rushed. We’ll just have to persevere :] Perhaps we’ll try the exercise again some time. :) Walking Toby before his big break =)) Let the walk show Toby who’s pack leader ;) Way to go Verity and Angel!

Even though Toby wasn’t as relaxed as we hoped, the activity paid off. :} Toby was very much calmer after the 45 minute lie-down exercise. :) He wasn’t barking as much, and was more relaxed than when he first got here. :) He even laid down on his own at one point. :) That’s something worth celebrating! :D We’re proud of you Toby ♥ :) Great effort :]

♥ Such a beauty. and a powerful breed.



During this time, Poppy was a curious observer. She wanted to understand what was going on when Toby was barking on his side with calm assertive hands on him. She peeved her way through us, and peeped to get a kinda bird’s eye view of the situation. heh. Poppy wasn’t afraid of Toby. She went forward, sniffing him, licking him, but Toby didn’t like either. Toby just needs more time. :) I guess Popcorn understood after awhile. She just sat down beside me awaiting. Several times while sniffing Toby, Popcorn laid down on her side, and showed her belly like she was surrendering. That was sweet Verity said. :) i thought so too. I’ve seen this behavior in Popcorn on other occasions too, for instance when she met up with Miniature Poodle, and Maltese. :) You’re a submissive dog aren’t you baby? 


Here are some photos of Toby and Popcorn interacting today. :) Such a pretty sight :}


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I couldn’t believe what i found towards the end of the gathering 

Poppy’s second string of toofiess!!!!

               aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFirst toofy, second toofy.
                     (HAHAHA! the “aaaaa” was typed by Popcorn!)

      6 months and 6 days, and two toofies less. :D


Everybody, hold your ♞

I heard from Verity that Cesar Milan is coming to Singapore!!!!! WoOooOoohoOoOOoO!


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