⌨ twenty-eighth february two thousand and 12 :D


Mommy said that Poppy vomited a little this morning. Are you alright baby? She seems fine in the day. Mom said that perhaps the night was cold, and we should switch off the fan. Yup, we’ll try that Mom. And perhaps it is because of the tiny yellows leaves that she often licks off the ground. mmm. In any case, we’ll be monitoring you babe. Please get well?

Sis was here today! :D She played playful boxing with Poppy and baby wasn’t a least bit aggressive. haha. Poor thing got her face poked a couple of times today. ☄ Sissy you were gentle i hope!

Mommy and I walked Popcorn in the evening. :) Walking her has never been better! i’m so elated! No more butt stops, pit stops, lazy stops. :D Just walk the dog any where you like. That’s Poppy now. :) Looove. We met two fur friends today. A Miniature Poodle and a Maltese I believe. :D They were sure excited to see Popcorn and were bouncing about. Made Poppy bounce about too. :P She left them with slightly damp fur. haha. kids these days.

Then we went to the hair salon nearby to meet Daddy. Poppy was afraid to land her tiny paws on the foreign floor surface. It was covered in red tiles. I tried to coax her to walk onto the surface and into the shop. I wasn’t going to give up. Baby “all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage”. :} Mommy said to carry Popcorn into the shop, but i didn’t want her to develop a fear, and then simply avoid it. Popcorn eventually did it. And it took her right about 10 seconds. tee. =) Woohooo. Good girl!

Poppy and her I Want Ribena Face. :D oooo so cute. Her mouth was widddde open and slightly opening and closing, almost looking like she was trying to speak. And those eyes.. they were beaming. hehe.

Later in the night, Dad and Mom played jump over the hurdle with Poppy. :D Popcorn would jump over Mommy’s legs back and forth :=) lovees

[insert video soon]


I’ve been doing up the National Geographic Free Pet Shop Event post, and now it’s finally up! yay!


There’s no mountain we can’t cross together, i’m so very proud of you darling :)

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