♣ What Granny Said


The day has finally arrived. My flight is just two hours away. I carried Poppers around the living hall, brushed her fur, and hugged her so tightly. I wished she could come along with me. They should make seats for pets on board don’t you think? Instead of letting them ride in the cargo section. =.= no fun at all in that part of the plane. No pretty stewardess, no airplane food that’s been neatly packed in aluminum covered lunchboxes, no free flow of alcoholic drinks, no “coffee, tea, or juice?”, no in-flight entertainment, and no blankets and pillows to snuggle up or toss about. Guess such luxury is only possible for a fraction of people in this world — uh huh. those who own a private jet of course. mmm~mmm. YES. I’ll own a jet plane in the future too :D

Leaving Popcorn today was difficult, my eyes were watering up, i kept looking back at her. boy is this how my mom and dad felt like every time they left for a holiday? heh. i hope so. ;) i’m really going to miss you Tiny Face.

16:00 On the plane and missing you very much already. I thought to myself: don’t think i should see your photos everyday. Will be missing you too much.

18:42 Touch down! We’re officially 883.93 miles apart from each other. How are you doing?


Over the next few days, i messaged Mom and Dad almost daily asking about Popcorn.These were the exchanges:

25th January 2012 18:42
Just walked PC. Going jacuzzi now. Take care n enjoy yourselves.

25th January 2012 18:54
How was she? :D

25th January 2012 19:25
Usual slow start but ran back too fast for this old man. Don’t worry she is in good hands

25th January 2012 21:14
heh. Just you walking her? Did you guys run back at the last 100 meters?

25th January 2012 21:16
Yes tough last 100m dash. Cannot keep up. Too old for this. Good night n rest well

25th January 2012 21:21
Heehee. She does that. It’s her favorite. We’re going to eat dinner now. :D thanks for taking good care of popcOrn for your hamster. Love you. Take care of yourselves. Rest early too ;) night night!


26th January 2012 19:47
Hello ma, how are you and popcorn? :D

26th January 2012 19:47
Was about to sms you. Taken your dinner already? She is eating hers now. Brought her out to the MRT station to wait for daddy. Refused to walk at all on the way there, just wanted to turn back. Had to carry her all the way. Coming back was fantastic, had a hard time catching up with her to make sure that i am in front of her. What method do you use to make her walk there?

26th January 2012 20:05
Heehee so cute. Thanks! I bring food and try to coax her to move a little towards me and then reward her by giving her food. :D heh. Good exercise for you guys!


28th January 2012 19:50 – 20:30

Conversation about buying pee-pad supplies between mom and i

28th January 2012 21:02
Walked with her at 5pm today. Walked 50% there even with food, but coming back was fantastic. Really a home dog. Even pooped on the way back, luckily i had tissue, warm and soft (O.O). Daddy said it’s good that I have popcorn to calm me down in my retirement.

–Reply about warm and soft poop.


29th January 2012
Conversation about buying pee-pad, picking me up from the Airport, and if Popcorn misses me or walked today. — i didn’t have a reply about Popcorn o.O



30th January 2012 12:13
Going on board. See u at 2:30 :D

30th January 2012 12:15
On my way to take lunch with daddy and pick you. Will hide popcorn in my bag, haha, c u my princess (teeeheeee)


Letter to Popcorn on 28th January 2012 12:26pm

Missing you so much baby. Don’t think I let myself see much of your photos or even mention about you throughout this trip (at least not out loud). But you’re always lingering in my mind. :) precious popcorn. I messaged Mom and asked about you almost every day since Wednesday. I heard that you made mom and dad sprint with you on the last 100 meters before home. Hee. Baby you remember our routine. Thanks mom and dad for taking great care of Popcorn while I’m away. It means a lot to me. Dad said: “ran back too fast for this old man”, and mom said the same thing the other night again: “had a hard time catching up with her to make sure that i am in front of her”. Haha.  Are you eating well poppy? I’ll be getting you lots of goodies today! Hee. Hold your horses ( ♞ ♞ ♞ ) babe! I’m coming home soon! <3

Night time:
I saw so many puny puppies here today. Oh how much that reminded me of you although you weren’t so tiny when we first met. :} i miss u baby. Bought truckloads back for ya :D Also saw lots of Popcorn (the kind to nibble) for sale around the shopping malls, and photos of toy poodles hung in some stalls… I’d like to think that even though we’re part, you still managed to stay close to me. :) ♥


30th January 2012 14:30 Touch Down!

Mommy said she was bringing popcorn to the airport in her tiny bag! She said that taking care of Popcorn can be a handful, more time consuming than taking care of a baby. (haha. really Mom? Was i such a good kid back then? :D). I guess that’s the case when people make an honest effort to meet the needs of their pet, as they would their child. :D  Thanks mom and dad. :))))) i love you guys. eh. I really believed that Popcorn was coming (in a tiny bag)!! how gullible?!?! (ah ha.)


What Granny Said about Popcorn when We Met at the Airport:

♠ She really misses you, kept looking up at the stairs waiting for you to come down.

♠ Quite difficult to walk to the destination, but she walked really well on the way back. Ended up having to carry her to the destination most of the time. She kept looking back towards the direction of home. -Really a stay at home dog :}

♠ Made mommy and daddy run like crazy on the way back, couldn’t catch up with her.

 I brought Popcorn to the MRT to pick daddy up one of the afternoons :)))))

♠ Popcorn got her daily dose of walking at 5pm every evening :D

♠ Naughty girl went up to the main stairs to wait for Wanti outside her bedroom.

♠  Yaaaaaa we played with her a lot every night before her bed time ( :D thanks mommmyyyy)


16:00 I’m finally home POPCORN!!!! Yay! Here’s a Video of Popcorn meeting mom, best friend, followed by meeting me. I cried at the sight of Poppers. Yay baby we’ve reunited :D I spent the next 6 hours playing with Popcorn today. Walked her, bathed her, fed her, played fetch, trimmed her fur, cleaned her ears, and snuggled up with her :D I noticed that Popcorn’s ears were slightly spotty and red, so i called the vet immediately. Guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see how it goes. *cross fingers*

Uber happy to be back :}

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