⇨it’s the 6th of March twenty twelve


Someone’s about to get Dewormed!

The 6th of March is here, and it’s time for Poppy to receive her second dose of deworming pill. :) I didn’t manage to drop the pill down the back of Popcorn’s throat as instructed by the vet so i fed it to her with yummy Nutrigel instead. :) heh. she ate the first piece unknowingly but the second half of the pill, she spat out. So i squeezed some more Nutrigel on my finger, and hid the pill in there. :D Smallness finished it in a matter of seconds :D


♥ Look who wants to be close to Mommy :)

Mommy was lying at the top of the stairs resting, and the small fur ball came along. She went up to the highest stair she’s allowed to be on and licked Mommy’s fingers — screaming “hey hey! i’m here!”. i love that about Popcorn.. how she’s warm and loving and even slightly clingy. :D She’s my home-alone companion. 

Earlier this afternoon, Mommy said she’d fallen asleep on the living hall floor and Poppy laid right beside her. :) i think daddy should try that some time. :D


6.30 p.m and i’m off to a seminar

I was thinking about you during class today. Thinking about how i can give you a better life and support you on my own soon. ♥

i missed you tonight Poppy. We should go for swimming lessons again soon. :D Speaking of that, i should get the post of Popcorn’s first professional swimming lesson posted soon. :) Stay tune!


i really enjoyed watching her sleep in the cutest position tonight. 

☄ Watch out for the Mystical Dragon this year :D


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