❂ Post Surgery Wednesday Highlights (day 3)


❂ Morning

✷ Poppy saw me taking photos for work this morning and she got uber excited.  teehee. So best friend took some photos of the furball too. :D

Goodbye Multicolored T-shirt, and Hello Plain Red Sports Shirt :D

…the weather has been crazy hot, and we thought a holey singlet would be appropriate for Spring :)

❂ Noon

✷ i brushed Poppy’s furcoat today and boy were there a lot of loose fur. :) Glad i got them out before they matted. 

✷ I’m happy to say that Poppy’s wound is looking much better now. It is looking less red :)

✷ Poppy licked mommy on her nose for the very first time today. lol. Mom was laughing really loudly. :D
i think she secretly liked it.

❂ Night

✷ I went for a midnight fruit snack and Poppy managed to win a midnight banana treat by practicing the art of staring. :D

✷ Best friend said she’s the strawberry friend and i’m the banana lady lol 

✷ Because we love Popcorn that much, but mostly because she’s still a baby and recovering from surgery, we gave her the option of drinking from her skull bowl and/or baby bottle :D — the popcorn chose her baby bottle :P

Sleeping time = E-collar + T-shirt + a clip to secure the T-shirt..

Oh Poppy, i hope 2 weeks pass by soon so you’ll get to sleep more comfortably. 

Night night Poppy poo  :}

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