➶ Being at home with Grandpa and Grandma :)


♖ Being at home with Grandpa is one of the best things in life 

I wonder if Grandpa knows that i miss him whenever he’s away at work… For the past few days while Grandpa was home, i hopped on his leg while he was watching tv, rested my paws on his arm while he was texting, circled around his feet while he was reading, and wagged my tail wildly whenever i saw him. And whenever Grandpa carried me and gave me my daily dose of belly rubs, i’d lick his face and i’d lick his toes —- That was my way of thanking him :D 

Today, i saw Grandpa resting on the platform at the top of the steps (a-hmrph, a place i shoudn’t be)… I really wanted to be close to him so I sneaked up and laid beside Grandpa with my fluffy coat slightly brushing against his arm. Teehee. I was sure he had noticed that i’d come along to join in the fun… but surprise surprise! Grandpa didn’t scold me like i thought he would.. he carried on resting. :) Hi Grandpa! I hope you’re having a relaxing day and recovering well from your eye surgery :)

♖ Being at home with Grandma is one of the best things in life 

Grandma was funny tonight guys. :} She tried on my blooo shoes! How is that possible right? Well she tried them on her toes!! Lol. Silly Grandma thought that that would make wearing shoes seem more fun and i would therefore want shoes put on me paws for kicks. I ended up making Grandma chase me around the living hall for several rounds. :P Tsktsk. Then ooopsie. Mom came down. =O Hi Mom! Mom stood there and i knew i had to surrender my Poppy feet. Okay… Mom… there you go~ She assured me that if i wore my blooo shoes well, we would go out to play. :D And we really did! Grandma & Grandpa came along! :} Weeeeeeee! We walked on a new path tonight, and Mom even gave me tweats when we got back! It was Woooonderful!!

Then we played fetch with bally and pinkiwinkle, and Mom fed me my dinner! :D O.O Something new was in my bowl tonight. o.O “It’s LAMMMMMMB….” Mom said. And APPLES! @.@ ooooo? Mom said i’m a big girl now and i have to start eating adult kibbles. Okay Mom! Whatever you say :D As long as it’s kiiiibbles~ i’m all in! :D Super duper YUMMY it was! Mmmmm~ Mmmmm~ I just hope my stomach can handle this new food! We’ll see what happens tomorrow! :D

Have a fabulous day guys! :D Weeeeeeeeee. By the way, do you guys spend time with your Grandma and Grandpa toooo? :D Love you!

4 Comments on “➶ Being at home with Grandpa and Grandma :)”

  1. Novroz says:

    Treasure your time your grand parents Poppy :)

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Sweet Popcorn we can tell you are having a great time with your grandma and grandpa. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    There’s nothing like the special fun you have with grandmas and grandpas! :D Enjoy your new food – I LOVE lamb kibbles best!

  4. Bassas Blog says:

    It sounds like you had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa :)

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