☃ What is Grandma doing?!


*Poppy waiting eagerly for Grandma to walk into the house*!


what are we going to do today? :D



i wasn’t expecting this. 


what are you doing Grandma? o.O

… ooo *strangled* o.o


What do you think Grandma’s trying to do?

i for one haven’t got a clue.. ♫♪♩

— not exactly thrilled


hello elf ears!

okok…. now what?

not fuuuuunnnny….

hey where did my ears GO!? =O

ooo. looks like they found their way BACK!


*hoohoo~ kisses from Grandma*!

whad….? not again? o.O

ooooooh so that’s where my floppies went!





One Comment on “☃ What is Grandma doing?!”

  1. BOL, glad you found your ears again!

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