♬ burpies :D


Best friend took Popcorn out for her morning walk today :) Yay! i got to sleep in!! i had a rough night and i’m very grateful that best friend offered to walk and feed Popcorn in the morning so that i could catch some rest :] Thanks babe ❤

Best friend reported that Popcorn tripped while running today. Her account sounded pretty funny. Popcorn’s feet apparantly got caught in the leash while she was running and that caused her to trip and rolled over onto her side. :P it  must have been a worrying but also funny sight. The neighbor who saw the incident uttered an OH. haha. Popcorn looked a little stunned while she laid on her side, looking up at best friend with an “oops” expression (ya, what’s going on?!). Little darling wasn’t at all embarrassed. She recovered gracefully and continued running :D heh heh. That’s my girl :) ❤ Sayang Popcorn~ :D you’re okay~

Back home, Popcorn played chase with me. We ran up and down the hallway a dozen times. I was giggling. Popcorn was grunting mostly. :D i love it that your boyish nature occasionally surfaces while you play. – No..Popcorn, you’re certainly not the girly little princess that shies away from rough play. heh. you’re my strong lad! – despite your size. :D Halfway through the sprint, Popcorn stopped for a good mouthful of water. But then she paused abruptly, her head faced down. I thought she choked (o.O) so i waited patiently for the delayed cough, or sneeze. but nah ah! *burrrrrrrrp* was what i heard. :D! smallness did her very first BURP! ahahaha. Best friend and I burst out laughing. She on the other hand, didn’t have a clue what was so funny. :P

After dinner I called Popcorn to come over to the back of the sofa and she did. I stretched down to stroke her and well she loved it; so much so that she turned over and awaited for her belly rub. Imagine best friend and i stretching from the edge of the sofa trying to reach for Popcorn who was all the way down (flat) on the floor. heh heh Popcorn just continued lying there hoping to get a little piece of heaven :P

Guys? Do you see Jumbo?


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