Thank you for sharing this video. It is so beautiful ♥. Let us spread LOVE :}

Dogpaddling Through Life

So yesterday I was reading some blogs and my friend Lara at Lara: On the Weigh Down posted this really cool YouTube video. I liked it so much I watched it several times. Here, check it out for yourself!


Isn’t that great?

What? Whaddaya mean you didn’t watch it?

Seriously though…. didn’t it make ya feel good?

Your mission is to do your part to undo some insults. I’ll start!!!

I love you very much, and I’m so glad you’re my friend!

Now, go share some love! And show that style you got while you’re doing it! woo woo woo!

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  1. raisingdaisy says:

    What a great concept. I’ll join you and add to it: Blogging friends are special – thank you for being you. :)

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