♖Monday Ninth of April♖


✸ Monday Greetings!

Hello there! A very Good Morning and Good Night to all furkids and furkids’ parents who are reading :} Poppy wishes you well and hope that you had a blasting Happy Easter! :) Me loves you, you know rights?  :} Poppy hugs and Kisses to all!!! Weeeee! 

✸ The Curtain Guy

Poppy got scared by the curtain guy this morning O.O She ran under the dining table and nudged Mommy’s leg to let her know she was there hiding.  Big hugs little one :} it’s okay~ :} Mommy picked Popcorn up and sat Popcorn on her lap as she worked. :} A very sweet sight this was, mommy comforting her :} Poppy was happy after, hopping about and playing chase with Zebit and mr. pineapple :) Guess she’ll always be the slightly timid tini Popcorn who’s afraid of all things big, like in this case, long draping curtains the curtain guy was installing :P tsk.

✸ After Dinner

After her dinner, Poppy went through a brief grooming touch up session. :D I slightly trimmed her face, and checked for grooming errors from last night :) And just as Poppy was about to doze off to dooreamland at her little corner near the stairs, best friend and i whipped out the box of durian we bought. Seconds later.. the red furball was right beside the sofa, waiting –  with tiny nose sniffing away.  She had the cutest face ♥ It was incredibly funny to see her lured out of bed in her sleepy state with hopes of getting a nibble. Lol. :D – The power of the Durian Fruit and its unquestionably unique aroma. :D

♥ Without succeeding in the wait, Popped sneaked up the stairs and headed towards the fridge and storeroom where her treats and kibbles are kept. BOL!!

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