♞ Excitement is a ball of fire


If excitement is a ball of fire, Poppy would light up the entire living hall in a matter of
seconds whenever Giggs is released from his crate. 

The first thing i saw this morning was Popcorn at the t.v area, hopping up and down in front of the glass door. Lol. She was playing with Giggsy while Daddy was at the other corner fixing up the electronics. What a mischievous furball she was, walking on forbidden grounds. Oh, and did you know that M in Popcorn’s name stands for mischievous? Baaaaaah. =D

Whenever Popcorn interacts with Giggs, it looks something like this:

Well in this case.. Giggs is the doggie, and Popcorn’s the…. hmph.

The poor fella looks bored outta his mind. =D

Haha, I thought this photo perfectly portrays Poppy’s overzealous expression of love for Giggs. Don’t you agree? Lol! Find another photo of a tini pup licking a dog’s face (with sheer eagerness), and that would certainly seal the deal. =D


Poppy had some strawberries after dinner today :D What a life! She was also finally given full access to the chicken drumstick chewtoy and she’s lovin’ it. That’s all she ever plays with these days. :D Love you all! xoxoxo 

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